The week that was!

This writing, Nov 13 2018, looks back at an incredibly eventful week. The elections, witnessed nationwide, were just a fraction of what took place in California.  Yet, all that took place in California this week touches upon national and global concerns.

California leads the way and will continue to do so in the new conservation economy.  California remains the place to be and the economy to invest in.  Our recent fires remind us of the need to manage our resources, protect our environment and foresee possible challenges.  All of this combines to make us the leaders in the world for production of efficient energy and environmental conservation. 

Come to California to put your innovative industry at the forefront of global economics

Export your product worldwide from one of the largest port states in the world. 

Enjoy the sunshine, the prosperity, the culture of one of the most beautiful places on earth. When looking for a home to love, call me to help you find the dream home in the dream state.